Prevention is
better than cure

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In South Africa it seems that our citizens are currently gripped with FEAR.
The fear of becoming a victim of crime, the fear of losing our vehicles and possessions, the fear of the safety of our children and the list goes on.

The only way to conquer FEAR, is to confront it.

TBS Services over the past thirty years have developed specialist training courses to address the fears we face on a daily basis, confronting our concerns, finding solutions and living in harmony.

Our professional facilitators run courses on Crime prevention topics ranging from hijack prevention, rape prevention, home safety, becoming streetwise, etc.

Now more than ever, individuals, companies, organisations and our country need to be living with a positive outlook and TBS Services can equip you with the tools to not only face any ordeal but to look toward the future with confidence.


Crime Prevention Courses

Apart from crime prevention training TBS Services also provide:

• Risk assessments
• Home security assessments
• Threat assessments and strategy
• Security advisory services
• Security Protocol design
• Security Protocol implementation
• Security Systems and Installations
(More information on the above available on request).

In addition to the above standard training courses, TBS Services are able to tailor-make courses to suit your needs.

Aubrey Pieterse

The Managing Director and founding member of TBS Services is Aubrey Pieterse.

Aubrey has been a trauma counsellor and security opps specialist for the past 30 years and specializes in counselling victims of crime.
With the knowledge he gains from counselling victims he has developed dynamic crime prevention training courses which enlighten participants on how to highly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime.
His ability to deal with people’s emotions has enabled him to develop training courses which are entertaining, humorous and leave the audience with confidence rather than paranoia.
His training courses have not only earned national but international recognition, when in 2004 he won an international award for his ground-breaking rape prevention training course.

Through dealing with violent crimes and the victims on a daily basis, Aubrey has become a specialist on crime and criminal behaviour which has made him highly sort-after as a security advisor by companies, government agencies and foreign Embassies. He now travels through most of the Southern African region to countries such as Namibia, Rwanda, Lesotho, Swaziland, Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mazambique to work with the Foreign Embassies as well as the European Union in those countries.
Aubrey Pieterse

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